Video: eventi e interviste dal mondo dell'agricoltura

Primo piano - selezione - Selezione di video di altri canali, dedicati a trattori e macchine agricole in genere. Anteprime, prototipi, innovazioni. Novità e notizie.

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Trelleborg. Five hundred kilograms of lightness. Trelleborg's latest campaign emphasizes the light touch on the ground of its agricultural tires Trelleborg launched a new exciting campaign, 'Trelleborg. Five hundred kilograms of lightness.' at the widely anticipated "Tractor of the Year 2015: Let the challenge begin", on May 6. Reaffirming Trelleborg's commitment to help secure a sustainable future for farming and in-line with its tradition of creating innovative campaigns, the new campaign aims to visually represent the juxtaposition of both the lightness and sheer power of the high performance, 500 kilogram, TM1000 High Power tire in terms of its performance. Despite being one of the largest, widest and strongest tires available on the market, Trelleborg's TM1000 High Power tire ensures the lightest touch on the ground, thanks to its wide footprint. for more information go to:

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