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È sempre una newsletter ricca di spunti, quella dell'Efita!
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Nell'ultimo numero parla di Big data, app per l'agricoltura e altre soluzioni tecnologiche e ricerche che saranno oggetto del prossimo appuntamento mondiale dedicato alle tecnologie dell'informazione per il settore primario.

Eccone uno stralcio:
21-24 June 2016 - Sunchon National University, SUNCHON, Korea
Korea is one of the leading country with rapid development in the field of Information and Communication Technology. These technologies will be able to contribute to agricultural and rural life to great extent by converging agricultural technology into rural life.
Korean government recently focused on ICT convergence in various field of economy such as industry, agriculture, education etc, and increased the agrifood ICT convergence research fund. At this point, we believe it is very meaningful to hold WCCA·AFITA 2016 in Korea.
The conference will provide a forum for agriculture related professionals to exchange information, experiences and expertise on ICT applications and developments in various fields of agriculture.
We are now looking forward to welcoming many participants in Sunhon in Korea in June 2016 and will do our outmost to make your stay in Korea pleasant, entertaining, educational and to provide you with further thoughts for Agri-ICT convergence at this conference.

Next Efita Congress - 2 - 5 July 2017
Montpellier - France at SupAgro Ag University 

Interesting papers 
- Open Data Model for (Precision) Agriculture Applications and Agricultural Pollution Monitoring
- Climate modelling of a greenhouse with proportional environmental control

ICT-AGRI Newsletter 18 
> ICT-AGRI Partnerships for compatible and adaptable Smart Applications
> ICT-AGRI 2016 Action Plan on Farm Management Systems
> Projects of the ICT-AGRI 2015 Call are starting
> New ERA-Net SusAn announced call on sustainable animal production
> Shaping the Future: Targeting Opportunities for ICT in Agriculture
> ICT-AGRI workshop at the CAPIGI conference

Focus on the Big Data Europe project (BDE)
>> Can big data be used for addressing food security? The CGIAR approach.CGIAR forsees funding for a dedicated CGIAR Big Data Analytics Platform. More info

>> Mapping big data to existing food & beverage industry problems. The 2013 report on “Formula for growth: Innovation, big data and analytics” outlines the opportunities that big data offers to food and beverage manufacturers. More info

>> Using big data for improving food safety. An article on Wired presents a number of cases where big data are used in the food industry. More info



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